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Make Your Reservations Now for the 2007 AFA-Michigan Banquet

February 15, 2007


AFA-Michigan 2007 Banquet



Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

Please put Thursday, April 26th, on your calendar and plan to join us for the American Family Association of Michigan’s 2007 annual banquet in Oakland County.

Advanced Reservations Recommended — Seating is limited and we expect our speaker to draw a full capacity crowd. Please contact Event Coordinator Nicole Stahl at to place your reservation and make sure you get seats.

Please also contact Nicole if you live nearby and would like to volunteer to help with this event.

As it was last year, our banquet will be held at the beautiful Addison Oaks Conference Center in Leonard, located in northeastern Oakland County. Our banquet committee has determined that the price per ticket for our April 26th annual banquet featuring best-selling author David Limbaugh will be $48 per person.

Our banquet keynote speaker this year will be attorney and political commentator DAVID LIMBAUGH, best-selling author of the book, “Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity.”

David is the brother of nationally known radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Below, you’ll find two references David made in “Persecution” to the American Family Association of Michigan and our defense of Christians who have faced persecution for their faith here in Michigan.

You can visit David’s website at:

And please watch for more detailed information to come in the weeks ahead.

We deeply appreciate your support, which makes all that we do possible.

And we look forward to seeing you on April 26th!

Gary Signature
Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan

Chapter Seven

“Muzzling Public Officials, Employees, and Appointees”
Congressional, State, and Local Chaplains, page 182

In Ferndale, Michigan, a volunteer chaplain, Pastor Tom Hansen, came under attack because he was an outspoken critic of the homosexual lifestyle. He argued against the city’s plans for a downtown gay pride festival, and at council meetings reportedly called homosexuality “an abomination to the Lord.” But Hansen denied that opposing homosexuals was the focus of his ministry…(and) said his opinions on homosexuality never came up in his work with prisoners. …Nevertheless, homosexual groups demanded that the city terminate Hansen, and…charged that Hansen’s views amounted to “spiritual violence” to homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender persons. Ferndale police captain Tim Collins said that Hansen had not expressed “any discrimination of any type to anyone.” The American Family Association said that it would sue the city in a civil rights action if it dismissed Hansen, and Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, said that being chaplain doesn’t mean you forfeit your constitutional rights. “I can’t help but marvel at the reported sight Monday night when the so-called ‘tolerance’ and ‘non-discrimination’ crowd so clearly demonstrated their intolerance for Pastor Hansen’s sincerely held religious views, and demanded that he be discriminated against and fired for daring to express those views.”


Chapter Nine

“State Endorsement of Non-Christian Values”
Diversity Sticker, page 244

In some cases, local governments affirmatively endorse the homosexual lifestyle and try to impose acceptance of it forcibly on their employees. Traverse City, Michigan, inaugurated a “diversity” sticker campaign in which it placed on city vehicles stickers that were modeled after the rainbow flag homosexuals use to celebrate their lifestyle. Over the rainbow stripes was the message, “We are Traverse City.” The campaign was ostensibly in reaction to a number of race- and sexual orientation-motivated crimes and was aimed at unifying the city. It did the opposite, as citizens bombarded the city with complaints over the campaign. American Family Association (of Michigan) President Gary Glenn said, “Homosexual activists’ allies on the city commission have quickly moved from preaching tolerance of homosexual activity to forcing city police officers to display the official flag of ‘gay pride’ militants.” One Traverse City policeman, David Leach, a thirty-year veteran, registered his strenuous objection to the campaign during an interview with a local Christian radio station. He said he found it “offensive driving a vehicle proclaiming (the homosexual) lifestyle.” He later told the Associated Press, “It is a sign of the homosexual, and it’s on my patrol car.”

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