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ASSOCIATED PRESS — Michigan bill seeks school anti-bullying policies

May 3, 2011
‎”The bill advanced Tuesday does not include language about motivation or characteristics (such as homosexual behavior). A representative of Equality Michigan, a gay rights group, said the organization could not support the proposal as approved by the committee.”

“An estimated 45 states already have passed anti-bullying laws. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has said it’s time for Michigan to join them. Past proposals have bogged down over language about motivation for bullying and characteristics of victims. Some proposals have included lists aimed at protecting bullying victims if they were targeted because of their sexual orientation, weight or other factors. Many Republicans wouldn’t vote for those proposals, wary it was an attempt to carve out special protections for gay students or other groups.”

Now it’s homosexual activists who say they oppose an anti-bullying bill, one that — specifically because it’s doesn’t single out homosexual behavior for special protection — actually has a chance of becoming law.

Thanks to AFA-Michigan supporters who contacted the Senate Judiciary Committee to help ensure this legislation and legitimate concern about student safety would not once again be used as a Trojan Horse for homosexual activists’ political agenda.


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