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MIRS — 15 items put on conservative to-do List

June 1, 2011
Michigan Information and Research Service
Lansing, Michigan
May 31, 2011

15 items put on conservative to-do list

The American Family Association of Michigan (AFAM) has a wish list of 15 items that it wants the Governor and lawmakers to tackle in the coming months. The question is will Gov. Rick Snyder want to advance this agenda?

A document obtained by MIRS revealed AFAM wants the posting of “In God We Trust” in the state Capitol and every public classroom in the state. It also wants to prohibit the use of tax dollars in public schools to “promote any form of sexual activity outside of marriage.”

Gary Glenn, who heads the Michigan AFAM, describes the list as “comprehensive.” It also wants to ban “homosexual couples” from adopting children. AFAM wants to protect medical and pharmaceutical employees’ right of conscience where they do not have to “perform procedures (abortions) or dispense products (birth control) which violate the employee’s conscience.”

On the list is also a so-called “Personhood amendment” that defines a person to include a prenatal child “from the point of fertilization” and a related issue would ban any public funding of any abortion or sex change operation including inmates incarcerated in a state or county jail.

Glenn also wants to open up the battle unfolding in Washington over funding for Planned Parenthood by stopping state grants to that group or “Equality Michigan” and similar groups.

And on the arts front, the AFAM seeks to prohibit any “public nudity to expressly include the drama productions of state-funded colleges and universities.” Glenn noted a recent production of “Angels in America” produced at Saginaw Valley State University as an example of what should be banned.

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